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How to Avoid Cash for Car Scams in Christchurch

Car scrap yards that buy scrap vehicles for a living are often referred to as cash for car. And there are a lot of them out there. Some of them are not as good as the others. Some of


trade in car with blown engine

How to Sell Your Car with Blown Engine in Christchurch

When a vehicle’s engine fails for any reason, it is pretty much the automotive version of a cardiac arrest. And if a vehicle is old enough, it can be fatal. The irony is that a blown engine can cause



How buying parts from scrap yard can benefit you and the environment?

Usually all car owners need to visit a salvage yard at least once or twice in their lifetime. Auto salvage yards specialise in buying older, junk, wrecked and end-of-life vehicles. So most people choose them when it comes to



How to Sell a Used Commercial Truck

Have you got a second hand commercial truck that you would love to sell? You may be fearful of putting it up for sale privately, due to the possibility of putting in a lot of effort, and no-one buying



How Car Wrecking Scrap Yards Work in NZ

A car scrap yards are not at all similar in any way to the average auto-garage. The obvious reason why this is the case is the fact that one fixes cars, while the other dismantles them. They perform a



How Taha Car Buyers Estimate the Value of your Car

Is selling your broken down, good for nothing, useless scrap car, on your list of things to do? Having this as a task can be burdensome if you are not aware of the solution. That solution, if you live


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