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What to do when your Car is Broken Down and Repairs are Too Expensive

If you are going through difficult times, the last thing you need to add to your plate is a broken-down car. Especially if you are in between jobs or have some form of the massive debt that you are


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How Scrap Car Prices in Christchurch are affected by Scrap Metal

How does one decide on how much a scrap car is worth in Christchurch? This is an interesting question, and it turns out that answering it isn’t simple. There are quite a few considerations that need to be looked


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How Accidents Affect a Car’s Value?

There is no doubt that the value of every vehicle depreciates dramatically. But this gets awful after your vehicle gets smashed in an accident. Even if it is insured, the damage from the accident can significantly lower down the


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Taha Car Buyers Service FAQ

Frequently questions asked (FAQ) by our customers and crafted by Taha Car Buyers staff members. How do Taha Car Buyers serve their community as a business? If you have a vehicle that is not running, and repairs cost more


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