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Get a good deal on your used automobile, whether it is a 4×4, SUV, truck, van, Ute or car. And do it today! Here at Tahacarbuyers, our Cash for Cars Christchurch team are dedicated to being your best bet for getting rid of old, used and junk vehicles. We strive to offer the best money for all cars, paying people the most cash for their car. Depending on the condition the vehicle is in, we pay up to $7’000. This is the number one method for selling a car fast and conveniently.

Sell your Car for Cash Now

Do you desire a free quote so you can see first-hand what we will pay for your car? Then contact us via phone at 0800 113 136 or our website’s quote request form. We will be pleased to value your car with no obligation conditions.

Any Brand, Make or Model is what We Buy

It is important to us that everyone living in Christchurch, Ashburton, Hurunui, Kaikoura, Marlborough, Central Dunedin-Otago, Southland and the surrounding areas are able to sell their car to us. That is the reason for our inclusive policy of accepting all makes and models onto our salvage yard. Whatever the make or model of car you want to sell, we will buy it.

The Home of Cash for Wrecked Cars

We remove cars on a very regular basis, right after we buy them. This includes all the major famous brands listed below.

  • American: Holden, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Ford.
  • European: Volkswagen, Alfa Romero, Fiat, Opel, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes.
  • Japanese: Daihatsu, Isuzu, Lexus, Subaru, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota.
  • Korean: SsangYong, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo.

That is just a small run-down of some of the makes that we buy. And all the models those brands put out are fair game for us to buy as well. Your car will get top dollar, and we will accept it even if it is in the worst condition possible.

Here are some of our services:

  1. A process for buying used automobiles that is next to none when it comes to speed and reliability.
  2. Free completion of all paperwork @ NZTA along with free vehicle inspection as well.
  3. Removal service that is completed free of any cost of charge.
  4. The purchase of all used cars and automobiles whether commercial or non-commercial.
  5. The best deal in town for smashed and totalled scrap cars.
  6. Top cash for unregistered cars.

What does the Cash for Cars Process Entail?

Here at Taha Auto, we have taken the cash for cars process, trimmed the fat, added large doses of reliability, skill and professionalism, and streamlined it for the new millennium. Now you can sell your car faster and for more money than ever before, all thanks to us. Here are the three main steps that you need to take in order to take full advantage of our exceptional services.

  1. Have your car assessed via our free quote system. This is easy to do by simply calling us or filling out the form on our website.
  2. Arrange a pick up time for us to come over.
  3. Get paid top cash and have your car removed for free.

Don’t delay, drop us a line today.

Free Car Removal across Christchurch, South Island, NZ

Anyone who has ever endeavoured to sell a junk car on the private market will be able to tell you a few things. One of them is how much time it will take for someone to buy it. Because a vast majority of people looking for cars there want one they can drive. This is a problem for anyone with a junk car that they would like to sell. A problem that is easily solved with the help of Taha Auto. We remove cars for free of cost for good cause (We love the environment).

Here at Taha Auto, we won’t just pay you good money for your car within the same day that you offer it to us. We will also use our top of the range removal equipment to come over and remove the vehicle in question from your property.

Why do People Use Taha Auto Services?

There are quite a few situations that result in the need for a car to be sold fast. There are also many reasons for why a vehicle turns into junk, thereby needing urgent removal and selling.

  • A major part in the vehicle has broken down and is more expensive to fix than it is worth.
  • Your vehicle is in scrap condition due to an accident or major overall disrepair or damage.
  • Your car works just fine but you need fast money for personal reasons and you are willing to sell your car because it is an emergency.
  • It costs too much to get a roadworthy certificate.

What You Will Need when Selling Your Car

The whole process of selling a car to us is free of complications, making it so easy that you will only need a phone or internet connection. And that is just so that you can make the initial contact.

Here’s What We Will Need

  • We will need to see a form on photo identification, such as your NZ driver’s licence.
  • It is also handy for us to have your Car’s Keys.

Here is What We Don’t Need

  • We don’t need your vehicle’s registration or ownership title.
  • Nor do we require a roadworthy certificate (Warrant of fitness).

What Hidden Charges can You Expect?

We will not charge you any hidden costs. You will not find out that some charges have been unseen resulting in you ending up with less money at the end of the day. No cash will be deducted from the payment we will make for your old car.

Don’t Forget These Things When Selling Your Car to us

We are always purchasing used cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, 4×4’s, Utes and so forth. Often times customers forget to remove certain things. This includes:

  • E-tag and licence plates;
  • Books and Tools;
  • CD’s and DVD’s;
  • Money and assorted documents;

Have a good look through your vehicle to make sure that you haven’t left anything inside it that you don’t want to lose. If you do leave anything and we find it, we will get in touch to make sure you get it back.

Contact our great team of Cash for Cars Christchurch today and we will be glad to buy your car for top cash anywhere in South Island, NZ. Cars wanted every day in any condition including old, junk, used, scrap, totalled, unregistered, non-road worthy or unwanted.

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