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(Last Modified on: July 16, 2019)

Broken cars can be fixed but What to do when your car is broken down and repairs are too expensive? How about if the cost of repairs exceed the actual worth of your vehicle? There is no reason why you should keep that broken down car around any longer. Especially when you can easily sell it and get good cash. And you will be removing an eyesore from your property as well! You may be thinking to yourself “sure, but who is going to buy a junk car? & who is even going to offer a free broken car removals” The fact is, however, that we here at Taha Car Buyers, are more than happy to take that old broken down car off your hands.


Why Taha Car Buyers for Broken Vehicles?

The amount of auto removal companies out there has become quite numerous over the years. Not all of them have your best interests at heart. However, it isn’t hard to find out the best company to sell your car to. These are some of the services that we think make us the best cash for car service to sell an old broken down car to:

  • We provide price quotes for free and with no obligations attached;
  • We use only the best removal equipment to ensure a fast and hassle free removal;
  • There is no charge, either hidden or up front, for the removal of your vehicle;
  • Our staff is highly skilled in their profession;
  • The paperwork is done for you;
  • We pay the best prices and offer better deals than all our competitors;
  • We buy cars in any condition and we accept all makes and models;
  • The Cash is paid in full on the same day as the removal takes place.

Sell Your Broken Car Fast, Same Hour!

If you want to sell a junk vehicle that you no longer need for any reason, you may feel daunted. It is hard to imagine that anyone would want to buy a car that needs expensive repairs before it can be driven. But the reality is that your junk car is our treasure. And we want to share the monetary benefits with you by buying the car off you. Here is how to sell your car to us:

Get in touch with us – If you have decided that selling us your scrap car is for you, you can either call us or go to our website. On the main page you will find a form you can fill out. You will need to tell us the make, model and how old your vehicle is. You will also need to tell us what kind of condition it is in.

Arrange for the vehicle removal – After you accept our offer, you can arrange for a time and a place for us to do come over. We will look at the vehicle and provide a final offer.

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Get Paid – We can then bring around our removal equipment, pay you, and haul the car off.

We don’t have a preferred type of vehicle that we buy. We accept all makes and models, including Toyota, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Fiat, Suzuki, and many more. So get in touch with us today!

Eco Friendly Broken Car Wreckers in Christchurch

All the broken vehicles that are of no use, must be sold or disposed safely. You can do it by contacting NZTA but they will charge you fees. Taha Car Buyers won’t.

Taha Car Buyers are fully responsible for dismantling, disposing and recycling broken automobiles. We are licenced & experienced wreckers who can do these things in a right way. Broken cars are very dangerous to keep as that can be hazardous for the environment as well as your family members. Get rid of that broken vehicle today and get yourself safe from these general Hazards.

How to Book a Free Broken Car Removals?

Contacting unregistered car wreckers in Christchurch or anywhere in South Island, is very easy. Feel free to contact us via the following methods, you choose:

Web –

Email –

Toll Free Phone – 0800 113 136


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