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5 ways to sell your old car

/ / 5 ways to sell your old car

(Last Modified on: June 14, 2018)


So, you have started to feel that your beloved old vehicle is compromising with safety every time you use it. If you are having those insurance thoughts in your mind, don’t worry. There a lot of options through which you can say goodbye to your old vehicle without troubling with the law. So, when your used automobile turns into a clunker, consider all your options. It would be wise to take all the available options into consideration before you blindly put your vehicle to scrap heap.

To get the ball rolling you must take care of the following things;

  • Check the expiry date of your automobile’s registration. If you decide to sell your junk vehicle unregistered or break it for parts, you may incur registration costs.
  • Arrange all the essential documentation in order. This includes the registration history, logbooks and any insurance claim documents.
  • Keep your identity proof and driver’s license or passport in hand. This will help you to prove the ownership of your automobile and match with your registration papers.

Keep reading to know the 5 best ways to sell your old car:

Sell your car for parts

If you are good at using tools and have sufficient knowledge, consider breaking your automobile for parts. It can be more profitable instead of simply taking it to salvage yards. For instance, selling your old tyres will get you good money, if they are in a good condition. Additionally, you can fetch good dollars from selling your second hand engine. Provided it has covered a reasonably less distance. On the other hand, if your vehicle is vintage or unique, consider posting your parts for sale.

Trade in your old car to finance the new one

This is another best option, if you want to avoid the hassle of selling your wheels privately. Trading it in will ease the process of getting rid of your old automobile fast. A reputable dealership will offer you a fuss free process. It’s because you can drive in your new vehicle into the dealership and drive out with a new one.

Before you sign up for an automobile finance, make sure to always discuss with a finance broker. To avoid paying a higher rate, make sure to use your  “Cooling off period”. However, if you find that the dealership can manage the following aspects; How much they will pay you for your wheels, What finance rate you will get, and what amount you will get for your trade in. Then, they will try to make the most profit out of the deal.

Sell your car in private

It is a general consensus that selling your old car personally will get you more money than trading it in. If your automobile is still working good, then you can consider various options to sell it. You can target an emerging market of backpackers and students looking for used automobiles.

Donate it to the charity organisation

This is certainly the best option that is worth considering. You can consider donating your wheels to charity organisations. It will make you feel good and you will also enjoy a deduction from taxable income and eventually you can claim your tax credits for donations. This is indeed a great bonus of donating an automobile. However, make sure to keep your receipt when selling your car at Auction. This will serve as an evidence when paying your taxes.

Scrap your car for cash

Use google and you will get a plenty of options for cash for car websites. Fortunately, they will purchase your scrap vehicle for the most possible money. Also, they will offer you a very easy and smooth process to junk your car. During the past few years, government of NZ has formulated many policies to reduce the impact of the environment. These policies focus on boosting the scrap auto industries and put the old gas guzzlers off the road. The Australian government named this scheme as “Cash for Clunkers” scheme which also pay top dollars. They also prescribed cash for car companies to use environmentally friendly automobiles when disposing scrap wheels.

However, these schemes may forget the bad impact of junk wheels on the environment. Thus, you must consider parting out your vehicle for parts before you junk it.


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